we build open standards for common incubators


are social prac­ti­ses that care for shared re­sour­ces and com­mon in­te­rests. They are es­tabli­shed since cen­tu­ries, but with the e­mer­gen­ce of to­day’s in­ter­net and com­muni­ca­tion tech­no­lo­gies, com­mons are fa­cing a fast grow­ing adop­tion to model col­la­bo­ra­tion and go­ver­nan­ce from small (Li­bra­ries) to large com­mun­ities (Wiki­pedia).


pro­vide en­tre­pre­neurs with an en­vi­ron­ment to grow and suc­ceed. While tra­di­tio­nal pro­blem sol­ving and va­lue cre­ation of­ten hap­pens in en­clo­sed hier­archi­cal struc­tu­res, com­mons need an more open en­vi­ron­ment and pro­vide a sen­se of be­long­ing, through an wide array of com­mu­ni­ties, work e­thics, ser­vices and re­sour­ces.

Open Standards

are tech­no­lo­gies, pro­ces­ses and con­tent, that are made a­vai­lable to the ge­neral pub­lic and are de­ve­loped and main­tained in a col­labo­ra­tive and con­sen­sus dri­ven pro­cess. We in­tend to use open stan­dards in or­der to sup­port the in­ter­oper­abi­lity of com­mons and the wide­spread of cor­res­pon­ding know­le­dge and large scale ado­ption.


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with us to rethink the future of work, crossing the boundary of social and commercial value creation. We strongly believe that fractal networks of commons will become the backbone for sustainable and just economies. We aim to jointly define Open Standards that help people to grow commons in their respective communities.